About Flyboyzs

About Flyboyzs

The Sky is Not the Limit ®

Flyboyzs® is a multicultural international organization of aviation experts and enthusiasts (men and women) from around the world consisting of Pilots, Flight Attendants, Air Traffic Controllers, FAA Mechanics, Professors of Education, Corporate Executives, an FAA Medical Examiner and many others, whose Global Initiative is to Inspire, Motivate, Educate and provide solutions to success through our guest speaking engagements and interactive website.

What we do

As a member, Flyboyzs gives you the opportunity to:

Chat with Us

Chat online with the Flyboyzs® to answer any aviation questions you may have from all around the world (obviously excluding the security sensitive stuff).

Photo Gallery

Shadow pilots as they travel the globe; you can live vicariously through their exploits, travels and adventures as they traverse the planet.

Be our Friends

Become online friends with pilots by adding them to your profile.

Flyboyzs Offered

A lot of the Flyboyzs® website is offered to you without a Flyboyzs® membership.

Our Team

Become a Flyboyzs®

To join the Flyboyzs® team as a representative, information source, to help answer questions, mentor, volunteer in any capacity please contact us @ 1-877-572-4053

Why Choose us

Our initiatives and solutions are designed to

Be an introductory platform for STEM Education

(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) by: Inspiring, motivating, creating and generating a desire and interest for education and studies in the STEM concentrations.

Dedicated Team Member

Help individuals acquire basic information about the aviation industry from individuals in the aviation industry and from aviation enthusiasts by being an accessible information resource via the Internet, guest appearances, multimedia and many other means of communication.

24/7 Hours Support

Help fulfill the average person’s inherent curiosity, passion and desire to learn more about the aviation industry. Help individuals develop skills to be successful in any life’s endeavors.


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